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(024) Cash Crunch Borrowing: No Shame in the Game! (w/ Rachel Schneider)

Episode Summary

Rachel Schneider, co-author of The Financial Diaries, joins us to talk about borrowing traps, inequality, and the truth about saving.

Episode Notes

It’s hot in the Bay, and so many of us are already sweatin’ to make ends meet every month. This week’s expert guest is here to give us perspective. Rachel Schneider followed the money stories of hundreds of Americans as part of co-authoring The Financial Diaries. She breaks down why so many of us find ourselves needing to borrow money from time to time, and how hidden inequality and generational wealth privilege play their part in that.

Dara, Yas and Rachel talk about the common traps people fall into when it comes to short-term borrowing, how sometimes it feels like institutions make decisions for us, and slumber parties! “Leviosa!” is the new “light as a feather, stiff as a board,” mkay? So get light, unburden yourself, and consider balancing personal responsibility with holding policy makers accountable for making sure wages keep up with the rising cost of living. Leviosa!

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