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(021) Bad Financial Advice: If it’s too Good to be True… (w/ Berna Anat)

Episode Summary

Financial hype woman @heyberna stops by Studio Ha this week to teach us how to spot bad money advice and kick it to the curb!

Episode Notes

Whether well-meaning or not, bad financial advice can mess you up, and this week’s guest is having none of it! Self-styled “financial hype woman” Berna Anat (@heyberna to her scads of followers) stops by Studio Ha this week to teach us how to tell good financial tips from bad. When we’re in that vulnerable place of not-knowing, it’s tempting to swallow whatever advice we’re told just so we can “scurry back in the hole.” But with a few pointers from Berna and a whole lot of common sense, it’s not hard to pick out the good and avoid the too-good-to-be-true.

It’s not all shop talk—your Leo and Taurus co-hosts (can you guess who’s who?) get into astrology with our Scorpio guest, and Yasmine explains her theory about how Bitcoin is a secret robot plot. Long-time listeners will appreciate Dara’s story about encountering an iguana “in the wild” (on the subway). And finally, Berna shouts out some of her favorite sources for good financial advice at the end of the ep—so get your follow finger ready!

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